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We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your field.
Learn everything you need to know to create safer communities & build more innovative teams.
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Discover your type! Take the Resilience Innovator Type Assessment (RITA) & learn about your unique style of leadership, communication, and other strengths ----- 50% off for a limited time!
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SMEM 101

Social media for emergency management basics - definitions, best practices, and case studies.
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TT&E for Healthcare

Revitalize your training & exercise programming, with special tips for healthcare organizations.
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Building an IMT

What makes an IMT work? And how can you improve your own team right now? Find out here.
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The Disengaged EM

Overcome burnout and engage with your team like never before in this email-based course.
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Resilience Innovator: Basics

This short, email-based course will help you learn what a Resilience Innovator truly is & how to unlock this persona to create a deeper impact within your team, organization, and community.

Video Modules

We have videos of multiple subject matter experts to keep you engaged & offer perspectives from across industries.

In-Depth Text Content

From downloadable PDFs to weekly emails, we'll make sure to provide the most detailed written content as often as possible.

Test your knowledge

Many courses have opportunities to evaluate your understanding of the material using a variety of learning activities.


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— Fellow Instructor
Excellent stories that showed how the tools presented were helpful. Much more interactive than [other instructors].
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Benefits of our training programs

Variety of Content

From email-based content to video resources and interactive learning activities, our courses offer a wide range of activities so that you can learn in the way that works best for you.

An Ecosystem of Support

The Resilience Innovator Learning Lab is just one piece of the larger Resilience Innovator ecosystem. From our signature assessment to the Coaching & Consulting Program, we have a number of ways to support your journey as a Resilience Innovator.

available Anytime, Anywhere

Our courses and offerings are available to you anytime, anywhere. With just one click, you have access to as much of our library as you'd like and will get notified when we add new content.

get certified

Many of our courses are offered as standalone certification programs or as virtual companions to our in-person sessions. Stay tuned for other industry-leading certifications from your friendly neighborhood Resilience Innovators!

more than just courses

Our Resilience Innovator Learning Lab is more than just a course library. We've got tons of webinars, audio interviews, panel discussions, and single-activity modules to keep you engaged and learning. And new content is always on the way!

Courses taught by industry leaders from around the world

With courses led by world-class trainers and practitioners, you'll learn how to build your skills, develop professionally, and enhance your understanding of yourself and the work that you do. In the fields of resilience and innovation, the Resilience Innovator Learning Lab is your one-stop-shop for fresh approaches to industry concepts, old and new.

"Resilience Innovators need content & community designed around their unique needs. That's what the Learning Lab is designed to be."

Christopher Tarantino

CEO & Founder, Epicenter Innovation